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Giving Back - 10% to Charity Pledge

PROJECT BREAD - Preventing and Ending Hunger in Massachusetts

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Hola Mola's goal is to raise $500 by December 8th.

Any amount helps. Hunger cannot wait. Thanks, chum!

Project Bread

Right now amidst our global crisis - families everywhere are struggling - sometimes in silence. Job insecurity. Social isolation. Joblessness. Unstable housing. Health care costs.

Hola Mola is born out of the notion that we are here to help one another and protect natural resources.

We have pledged to donate 10% profit from sales to charity. In 2020 we have chosen to direct those funds to Project Bread to fight hunger at home in our surrounding communities and towns.


Did you know that more than 400,000 children in Massachusetts rely on school lunches for more than half their daily nutrients?

Find out how Project Bread is making a difference to those children at risk for hunger with school closures.

Other Ways Project Bread makes a difference:

Project Bread FoodSource Hotline

FoodSource Hotline—a toll-free hotline that is the only comprehensive statewide information and referral service in Massachusetts for people facing hunger—can connect you to food resources in your community.


TTY: 1-800-377-1292

In 2018, Project Bread's FoodSource Hotline responded to 21,455 calls from residents experiencing food insecurity. These calls came from all over the state, covering 90% of Massachusetts cities and towns.

Donate if you can this Holiday Season - do it today.

Project Bread is committed to preventing and ending hunger in Massachusetts. They provide access to food for people who are hungry today, while they work to break the cycle of hunger through advocacy, education, and community action.

Until hunger ends.TM