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About Us

We have called Duxbury, MA home since 2014 and we love it.

Duxbury Beach in particular has been a special place for us and our two children - 8 and 3 years old. We have gone there to celebrate, to grieve, and to play. Beyond its natural beauty - which is undeniable - it's the people that make it a true treasure. Kind, ready to lend a helping hand, fun-loving. True chums.

We wanted to create a brand that captured some of the fun and community that Duxbury Beach breathes.

Hola Mola is a true Mom & Pop Online Shop. When we're not dreaming of mola molas and T-shirt designs - we have some side gigs:

Kate is trained as a psychiatric nurse practitioner and she is currently a nursing clinical instructor at a University in Boston.

Mark is a commercial airline pilot and is based out of Boston.

Scarlett (8) dreams of being a veterinarian specializing in snakes.

Delia (3) dreams of doing whatever her older sister is doing at any given moment and playing ballerina.