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Where's my wave?

I know it's been a while since the last blog. How is everyone?
There certainly has been a lot going on in that time. We are all running on empty most days, exhausted from pandemics and politics and division. And then there's regular life that just doesn't let up.

But we need to talk about something serious and I am directing this to local Jeep owners.

My family counts ourselves as part of the larger Jeep family. My husband is the original owner of the 1998 Jeep Wrangler shown above. He says Betsy (yup, the Jeep) will be with us forever. That's loyalty. That's love.

I didn't know there was a secret Jeep wave until I started dating my husband and driving his Jeep. Am I supposed to be talking about this in mixed company?

It's true. When 2 Jeep Wranglers pass on the road, the drivers wave to each other - in a very particular way.
In early days I could not get the hang of the nuanced Jeep wave. I was doing like a hand-off-the-wheel-waving-bye-to-your-kid-getting-on-the-school-bus thing. Too much. Trying too hard. Not cool. Just wrong.
When in fact, it's meant to look effortless. It assumes you are always driving with one of your hands casually draped at 12 o'clock on the steering wheel. I am not typically driving that way. So when I see a Wrangler I have to sneak my hand on the wheel into position. And then you wait.

Timing is essential. Not too early. Not too late. During that magic 0.5 sec window - you both raise 1-3 fingers off the steering wheel in a "Hey. Sup." motion. Mood is important. Don't smile. Let the wave speak for itself. It's quick. Do not linger in the moment. Cool semi-indifference yet taking the time to take 2 fingers off the steering wheel. The Jeep wave.

Here's my very important question. Jeep peeps, are we still waving in Duxbury?

I have noticed a significant downtick in the Jeep wave in recent months and I'm worried.

I haven't captured data on this but I can if we think it might help get to the bottom of this. My husband speculates it's a Wrangler 2-door vs. 4-door phenomena.
4-door peeps, did you know about the wave?
So much of our world is upside down, turned inside out, stressful, uncertain. The Jeep wave should be something we can rely on. Just like my husband knows Betsy will always be his. I need to know that there will always be a Jeep wave.
Is it just me? Am I imagining this? Are we waving less? If so, why is that?! Are we that stressed?
Be a chum. Lift a finger or two.
Look out for each other out there. Be well.
Take care of yourself. The world needs you.
Peace comes in waves.
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