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Weird for the win!

Every Superhero story starts with one theme...

a quirk, a mutation, an event that catapults that person or being into a realm beyond the ordinary.

Mere mortals like us often live under the expectation to conform, to fit in. We drive the same SUVs. We wear the same clothes almost like it's a uniform. We like the same sorts of things. We assume everyone has the same religion and common history. Our houses are very much alike. We gravitate towards those who think just like us.

But look at Duxbury's mascot - the Green Dragon.

It's a freak, it breaks every rule. It flies. It breathes fire. And because of its unabashed weirdness, it kicks ordinary's @ss. It's a great mascot.

Hola Mola also has a weird mascot, the Mola Mola. This fish kind of should not be. It looks like an alien, or a gigantic swimming pancake. Not a fantastic swimmer. Not at all aggressive. But it holds the title as the largest bony fish in the world and has managed to thrive in every ocean around the globe. Not too shabby, weird goofy fish.

So, what if we gave ourselves more room to be who we are, even if that means being different?

It's more than OK to be weird. Weird is beautiful. Weird is freedom. Weird is power.

What if we – as a community – embraced uniqueness in our neighbors?

Think of all the superhero stories we might unlock.

Get Weird, Duxbury.