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Pssst - Your Superpower is Showing.

Recently my 8 yo watched the movie "The Incredibles". She was captivated by the notion that a regular boring family like ours could have their own set of superpowers and save the world. She informed me hers would be "Being Able to Turn into Any Animal" - which to be honest is the most brilliant thing I've heard in a long time. Fly. Breathe underwater. Run as fast as a cheetah. Strong as an elephant. You pretty much have everything covered. And then she'll need a catchy name like Mutatia...But I digress.

 What's your SUPERPOWER? I think I know at least part of it. You show it everyday.

"It takes a village" has become a throw-away phrase. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Our mind glosses by it. But when you witness the "Village" at work or experience the Village at work  - there is nothing throw-away about it.

We all affect the stories of those around us - whether you like it or not. We can hurt and we can help with our actions, our words, our attention - or inattention. In a world gripped by disease, division, fear, hatred - the GOOD NEWS is there is something we DO have control over.

How will you contribute to someone else's story today? Are you going to hurt or help? Yes, it takes a village. No one is meant to go it alone. But the REAL truth is - We ARE the village. YOU are the village.

When dreaming up Hola Mola I kept thinking - "What makes this community shine? Where do I see it most?" and I kept coming back to the beach. Duxbury Beach in particular.

Each morning a new village of friends and strangers assembles on the sandy shores to relax and enjoy some sunshine. Along the way situations big and small will arise - opportunities to build community, to be a neighbor. You might be the one hopelessly stuck in the sand or you might be pushing someone else out. It might be something less obvious - almost unseen to others like buying a stranger's kid an ice cream. It's a beautiful microcosm isn't it? And then everyone goes home and a new village re-assembles the next day. A new chance.

Sure - sometimes that fin sighting is a great white shark and you are possible chum in the water.  

And then - there are times - the fin in the water is a peaceful, giant, goofy-looking totally awesome sunfish, a chum, a pal.

What would it look like if we all aim to be a friendly fin to others as we swim through our day - to Be a Chum?

Who is in need of your help today? Who is in need of your kindness? Who is in need of your support?

  • Maybe it's being less transactional when grabbing coffee or picking up groceries and seeing the human before you.
  • Maybe a neighbor is feeling lonely or strained and a little note in the mailbox makes a difference. Or a "Hey, headed to grocery store -need anything?" text.
  • Maybe someone in your house needs to hear "You have really good ideas".

And what would it be like for a little company like Hola Mola to do the same?

*Celebrate Nature * Support Community * Strive to be an Eco Friend * Give to Charity * Spread Joy*

You will see "Be a Chum" everywhere at Hola Mola - on our clothes, on our social media posts, on our packages.

And now you know what it means and why it is our mantra.

Let's Do This Together. You are a Superhero. Now go be awesome today, chum.

(And think up your Superhero name while you're at it.)